Saturday, June 26, 2010

Video: "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson

I'm a day late.  Sure, I was in the "Michael Jackson is psycho" contingent during his child sex abuse trial period(s) and like plenty others, I was fairly creeped out enough by his changing appearance and what other kind of questionable acts were going on with him.  Without ever being found guilty though, time sort of moved on, and it was about three years ago that I started getting into his music rather than his public business.  'Bout time I get past "Thriller" and "Beat It" and really get at this "King of Pop." In delving into his music and influence, regardless of your fondness of it, it's indisputable his legendary impact on pop culture.  In listening to his music with friends and enjoying his music videos and albums on my own, particularly Off the Wall and Thriller, I saw him as a troubled man in his later years but, ultimately, one I would greatly admire for his pop music stardom.  Today I'm remembering him through the video of "The Way You Make Me Feel", which is a testament to his incredible talents, charisma, and star power.

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