Monday, May 31, 2010

Video: "Elias" by Dispatch

These guys are undoubtedly modern legends.  Building a huge name for themselves on a transcendent fusion of folk, rock, reggae, and African music for the masses, Dispatch will forever be one of my favorites. But what hits more strongly than the songs are the band's ethics.  They rose to fame on the strength of their songs spread through file-sharing networks rather than the backing of major record labels; they made it happen for themselves.  But beyond their musical economics, it was their message: aside from writing songs about young love and freedom, they inspired an awareness about struggles in the third-world, particularly in Africa, and, especially on their last album Who Are We Living For?, standing up politically against the forces that perpetuate poverty and strife beyond America's borders.  And just about everything that was incredible about Dispatch can be found in these 8 minutes.

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