Monday, March 22, 2010


I was raised on country music. D.C.'s WMZQ station was THE car radio station, and as a family we listened to George Strait and Alison Krauss and all the powerhouse names of 90s Nashville. I still have a fondness for those days of simpler musical pleasures, a nostalgia of that innocence. But as teenagerdom struck, the world, as it often does, became a more complex place. In this time of change, I looked over the fence and discovered music that could affect in exciting new ways. Pivotal in those days was Nirvana, as well as the rest of the grunge scene. I missed the early-90s grunge explosion, but nevertheless, it spoke to me then and there: the raw power and authentic emotion were outlets for my frustrations and connections to the "real" in life.

With maturity, I've shed much of the self-consciousness and pessimism of my middle and high school days, and explored music that could reflect my personal growth and all of the highs, lows, and in-betweens of life as it stands for me now in my early-20s. It's hard for me to set parameters on what I set out to listen to, but much of what I have fallen in love with could be placed under the ambiguous, dynamic, you-know-it-yet-you-don't term of "indie". There's something about these bands, these artists, that strike chords with me and make me think in ways that more mainstream musical styles don't.

In the interest of combining my fascination with music and enjoyment of writing, I've decided to write about my musical interests. I've done so, and continue to do so, at (under Timbo8). Many, if not all, album reviews I write will be cross-published between here and there. This site, aside from having reviews on albums and bands REGARDLESS of genre, will (hopefully) have other thoughts and musings on music as they come to me. And again, many types of music are up for grabs; the focus will probably mostly be indie-brand stuff.

I've never done a blog before and don't expect major things from this. Who knows how long this will go on or how often I can add stuff (I'm a busy college student), but all I know is you'll have nothing if you don't start. More than anything, I just want to put my thoughts on a passion that I have in music on (virtual) paper, and I feel like at the very least it will be fun for me personally. So if you read, I hope you enjoy and if you comment, great, just don't be a douchebag.

Thank you.

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  1. Keep it going timmer! You've always had great taste in music, which is why I'm surprised that you like delusions of granduer. im mean law rocks and all, but come on, we suck! no, but really, keep this up!